ENVIRONMENT: Saint-Martin on red alert for poor air quality


Since yesterday Thursday, July 20, the concentration of fine particles in the air has exceeded the alert thresholds. In accordance with the prefectural decree relating to air quality, the red alert procedure is therefore triggered.

Yesterday Thursday July 20, 2023, the concentration of PM10 fine particles in the air exceeded 50 μg/m3 on average over 24 hours, a value corresponding to the information and recommendation threshold.

In accordance with the prefectural decree relating to the management of pollution episodes in the ambient air and in view of this forecast, the information and recommendation procedure has been  triggered yesterday and faced with the persistence of the episode, the alert procedure is scheduled for this Friday, July 21.



68 µg/m3 at the Marigot station on average between midnight and 0 am.


The information and recommendation threshold corresponds to a level of the pollutant in the atmosphere beyond which short-term exposure presents a risk to the health of particularly sensitive groups within the population and which makes it necessary to issue immediate and adequate information to these groups and recommendations to reduce certain emissions.


Health recommendations:

For vulnerable populations: Pregnant women, infants and young children, people over 65, people suffering from cardiovascular pathologies, heart or respiratory failure,

people with asthma.

For sensitive populations: People who recognize themselves as sensitive during pollution peaks and/or whose symptoms appear or are amplified during peaks (for example: people with diabetes, immunocompromised people, people suffering from neurological conditions or at risk of heart, respiratory, infection).


In case of respiratory or cardiac discomfort, seek advice from a health professional

– Favor shorter outings and those that require the least effort.

– Take advice from your doctor to find out if your medical treatment should be adapted if necessary.

– Limit travel on major highways and their surroundings during peak periods.

– Limit intense physical and sports activities (including competitions), both outdoors and indoors. _AF

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