ENVIRONMENT: A substantial arrival of sargassum expected this week


In its latest published bulletin, Météo France predicts a strong risk of grounding this week on the coasts of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barth.

According to images from April 28 to 1er May, the dominant flows around the archipelago are from the south-east. Saint-Barthélemy is very clearly surrounded by a wave of numerous rafts of fairly small sizes. Arrivals are in progress on the East and South-East of the island and will continue throughout the week. This same wave is already affecting the Dutch part of Saint-Martin. The first rafts were to hit the East of the French part from Tuesday May 2.

The threat of arrivals does not weaken

In view of the latest detections, we can still expect many groundings in the next fortnight. The supply from the South to the South-East, and the equatorial zone has been set up. The first rafts are between Trinidad and Barbados. _AF

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