HORSE-RIDING: Greater Caribbean 3rd stage: Honorable performance by riders of the “Sea Horse and Sun” of Colombier


The Colombier Club SEA HORSE AND SUN came to Martinique last week to defend the colors of Saint-Martin.

Camille Allard left with Lea Koffel, Lou Aubry and Louna Lacombe for the third stage of the GRAND CARAIBES against riders from Surinam, Martinique, Guyana and Guadeloupe. 140 riders were gathered throughout the weekend, during the four events.

Thursday started with the WARM UP, in which the invited riders discovered their mount.

Thus, Louna Lacombe went up in HOPE (90), Lou Aubry in ELITE (1m), Camille A in GRAND PRIX (105) and finally, Lea Koffel in AMATEUR (115).

On Friday, it's time for the 1st round on an A scale against the clock with a very technical layout for all events.

Unfortunately, Louna encounters some difficulties with her horse and falls into HOPE.

For his part, Lou is classified 6th on the ELITE event with a flawless and a beautiful lap of honor!

For his part, Camille made a mistake in the course with her horse, which was a little too wild on the ELITE race.

As for Lea, she finished her course with a clear round and climbed to 8th place in AMATEUR with a lap of honor!

Always on Friday, place in the 2nd round on a scale A against the clock with Barrage. The results follow:

HOPE test: Louna finishes her course in 12 pts.

ELITE event: LOU is eliminated with 3 refusals.

GRAND PRIX race: Camille finishes in 8pts.

AMATEUR test: Lea finishes in 8 pts.

At the end of these 2 days, Lea finished in 8th place, Lou in 12th place, Camille in 22nd place and finally, Louna in 26th place.

Note that Lea received, during this 3rd stage of the Caribbean Grand Prix, the special price of elegance. Congratulations!  _AF

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