SPACE: The ISS is making several passages over Saint-Martin this week


The International Space Station (ISS) revolves around the Earth at a speed of approximately 27 km / h. It circles the Earth in 500h1, which means that the astronauts on board witness 30 sunsets in the same day. Depending on its trajectory and position, it is possible to see it.

Since September 11, it has made several daily passages over the Caribbean. For example, yesterday, four passages were planned over Saint-Martin, tomorrow three.

When it is dark, it is possible to observe the station on condition of course that the sky is clear. It is a very small, very bright point that does not flicker and moves relatively quickly.

Today, it will be visible at 5:12 am arriving from the west (south) for 5 minutes and at 18:32 pm arriving from the southwest (north northeast) for 6 minutes. On September 16 it will be visible at 4:29 a.m. (SSE) and on September 17 at 18:36 p.m. (west to north).

We will then have to wait until October 7 to observe it at night again in our sky.


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