Higher education: unveiling of vows 


The final year students had the opportunity to express their wishes - until last May - in higher education on the Admission Post Bac (APB) site. This platform, whose aim is to simplify the pre-registration procedures, unveiled the first results for admission to higher education last Wednesday.

A few days before the baccalaureate exams, this stage increases the stress a notch for those who have not been accepted in the selected establishments. On social networks, some do not hide their disappointment. Among the 762.000 young people registered on the platform, nearly 80% had a proposal. New assignments will be unveiled starting June 24.
The high school students are in full revision: the tests of the general baccalaureate 2016 will begin on June 14 in the academy of Guadeloupe, and will run until June 22. The results of the bac will be presented on July 5.

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