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Get ready for an unforgettable evening of rhythm, laughter and pure entertainment: Xtratight Entertainment is proud to present the highly anticipated Calypso Lounge, an event dedicated to celebrating the vibrant fusion of Kasio and comedy. This one-of-a-kind extravaganza will take place on Saturday, December 2, 2023, from 20 p.m. to 1 a.m., at the prestigious Aleeze Convention Center.

The evening promises to be filled with uproarious laughter and lively music, featuring an exceptional lineup of artists. The stage will be taken by storm by the incomparable talents of CRAZY, the indisputable Mighty Dow and the comic genius of Errol Fabien from Trinidad.

Crazy Calypsonian

Edwin Ayoung, aka “Crazy”, born in 1944 in Trinidad, swapped cricket for music, earning his nickname “Crazy” for his flamboyant stage presence.

He made his Carnival debut in 1975, and with hits like "Dustbin Cover," he became a musical sensation signed to Eddy Grant and Ice Records. He launched 'Parang Soca' in 1978, released a hit album in 1979 and ventured into chutney soca with 'Nani Wine' in 1989, gaining worldwide fame. Despite ups and downs in his career, his album “Still Crazy After 25 Years” in 1997 revived his success. Known for mixing humor and politics, Crazy is an advocate for inclusivity, with hits promoting LGBT rights and addressing crime issues.

Errol Fabien Comedian

A multi-faceted artist with 25 years of experience in theatre, presenting, writing, directing and producing for radio, television and the general stage. Errol Fabien is known for his work in over 40 plays and as a versatile artist in the field of calypso. He is also acclaimed for his locally themed revues, was president of the National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago and co-pioneered the Yangatang comedy calypso tent during the 2000 Trinidad and Tobago carnival.

The reigning king of Sint Maarten, Mighty Dow

For over 30 years, Isidore York, the Mighty Dow, has been a musical treasure, educating young people and captivating audiences. Born on the friendly island of St. Maarten, calypsonian, steel pan instructor and artist Mighty Dow is dedicated to elevating local youth in the world of music. His journey began at the age of 8, guided by his father, Caribbean music icon Chester York. With 8 albums and international hits like “For King”, “St. Maarten Rhumba” and “Soca Salsa”, Mighty Dow is a Carnival staple and a musical legend.

Also prepare to be amazed by Melvin Hodge's remarkable performance. The famous philosopher of humor, Fernando Clark himself, will guide you throughout this magical evening, as the host of the event.

Join us in this extraordinary celebration of culture, where Kasio and Comedy come together to create an atmosphere of joy and entertainment. The Calypso Lounge promises an evening of non-stop laughter, electrifying music and a celebration of our rich cultural heritage. Presales cost $40 and tickets for the day of the show, $50. Tickets are available at the following locations: ALEEZE Box Office, Adolphus Office Supply, Levi's in Marigot and XT Team – Contact: +1-721 524-9872.

For VIP reservations, please contact +1-721 524-9872.

Xtratight Entertainment, under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Rude Fleming, Managing Director, is committed to promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of St. Maarten. Through events like the Calypso Lounge, Xtratight Entertainment aims to increase cultural awareness and highlight the importance of Kasio in the community.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this sensational evening. Book your tickets in advance to guarantee your attendance at Calypso Lounge. Kasio's laughter and melodies will blend harmoniously, creating an atmosphere of cultural euphoria.

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