EVENT: Jazz in the spotlight this Saturday, April 13


Get ready to immerse yourself in a night of pure musical bliss at the next Jazz 'n' Rythms event, taking place on Saturday, April 13 at the Aleeze Convention Center and Event Hall in Philipsburg. This highly anticipated evening promises to be a celebration of smooth jazz, featuring an extraordinary lineup of talent that will leave you mesmerized.

You will be literally captivated by the incomparable Andy Narell, a true legend of the jazz world. Renowned for his mastery of the steel pan, Narell's performances are simply magical. With a career spanning decades, he has enchanted audiences around the world with his innovative style and soulful compositions. From infectious rhythms to touching melodies, Narell's music promises an unforgettable experience for all spectators.

Carlyle Barriteau has an extraordinary gift for interpretation, captivating audiences with the power and emotion of his voice. With a vocal range that moves effortlessly from soft, soulful chants to electrifying high notes, Carlyle's stage presence is nothing short of mesmerizing. His ability to infuse every note with raw emotion and soul creates a musical experience that lingers long after the last chord has faded. Prepare to be transported to a realm of musical bliss as Carlyle Barriteau takes the stage at Jazz 'n' Rythms.

These two phenomenal artists will be accompanied by the sensational SXM Jazz Project Band, featuring the exceptional talents of Christian, Dominique, Nasyr and Eric. This talented ensemble of musicians promises to deliver an evening of unprecedented musicality and groove. From smooth ballads to fast rhythms, the SXM Jazz Project Band is sure to have you dancing in your seats.

Entrance tickets for this extraordinary event are priced at $40 and can be purchased at the following points of sale: Adolphuis Office Supplies, Aleeze Box Office, Levi's Marigot, Kar'ouf and Sea, Sun & Fun Boutique. For added convenience, tickets are also available online via www.xtratight.com.

Whether you're a seasoned jazz enthusiast or simply looking for an incredible evening of music, Jazz 'n' Rythms promises an experience like no other. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the magic of Andy Narell, Caryle Barriteau and the SXM Jazz Project Band. Mark your calendars, book your tickets and prepare to be transported to a world of musical excellence!

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