EVENT: More than 500 children gathered in the streets of Marigot to celebrate “Unity Flag Day”!


As part of the celebration of “Unity Flag Day”, more than 500 children from different nursery and primary schools in the area marched on Wednesday morning in downtown Marigot. A colorful parade which delighted the numerous spectators present throughout the procession route.

Hélène Hanson, coordinator of the BCD (Library center documentation) in nursery and primary schools in Saint-Martin, Bérénice Babot, responsible for extracurricular activities within the Caisse Territoriale des Œuvres Scolaires, the cultural actions department of the COM as well as several associations of the island have done a remarkable job in preparing this festive day, dedicated to the celebration of the Unity Flag, symbol of the affirmation of the identity and unity of the two parts of the island "One Island, one People, one Destiny.”

Hundreds of children displayed in the streets of Marigot the colors that make up the Unity Flag, namely green (representing the fertile and magnificent land of the island which feeds the people), medium blue (the sea, one of the first natural resources of the island), light blue (the pure sky) red (the warm red represents the noble blood of the people past, present and future) and yellow (symbolizes the regenerative energy of the sun).

After the anthem of Saint-Martin “Oh Sweet Saint-Martin Land” performed brilliantly by the young student from the Marie Amélie Leydet school, Elaine, her classmates from other schools on the island presented a beautiful colorful show on the COM parking lot (opposite the old Bord de Mer school) where songs, poetry and dances followed one another to properly celebrate “Unity Flag Day”.

A big congratulations to the students and their teachers who showed originality and inventiveness in the making of the costumes as well as in the preparation of the show which kept all its promises. _AF

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