Expert'ease: Second edition this Thursday, June 8 at the CCISM


The Interprofessional Consular Chamber of Saint-Martin (CCISM) launched its new Expert'ease format on February 23. For this second edition scheduled for Thursday at 17:30 p.m., the theme of the collection of social security charges will be discussed.

The Expert'ease initiative is led by Sandrine Jaboulet Delahaye who has this time chosen to highlight issues relating to the recovery of social charges. This Thursday, June 8 from 17:30 p.m. to 19 p.m. at the CCISM of Concordia, the second session of Expert'ease will take place in the presence of the management of Guadeloupe (CGSS) who will travel for the occasion to answer questions from the assembly. and provide him with all the explanations concerning the end of government crisis measures and the methods of regularizing social security contributions. A lawyer specializing in the law of companies in difficulty will complete the panel of experts available to business leaders in order to prepare themselves to judiciously manage certain situations such as forced collection, formal notice that has not been forthcoming or the service of constraints. Registered participants will discover the solutions provided by the CGSS and the expert to arm themselves in due time on the theme chosen during this second part of Expert'ease. _VX

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