News item: 30 cars checked at night by the St Maarten police and the gendarmerie


The Sint Maarten police, with the collaboration of the gendarmerie, carried out a roadside check during the night from Thursday to Friday, an operation which is part of the fight against car theft.

A total of thirty vehicles were checked, it was a question of verifying that the drivers were able to present the valid documents of the vehicle. Two cars have been seized and are under investigation, police in Sint Maarten said in a statement. Two people, GP and JW, were also arrested and are suspected of being involved in car theft cases. This joint operation follows a meeting between the gendarmerie, the police and the prosecution on both sides of the island which was held on February 6, whose aim was to put in place joint actions to better fight against traffic and theft of vehicles. Other controls of this kind will be organized, specifies the police of St Maarten. As a reminder, the gendarmerie recorded 480 car thefts in 2019 and the Sint Maarten police 141.


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