MISCELLANEOUS: Spectacular arrest of three individuals in the parking lot of Mc Donald's in Marigot


A well-conducted investigation! Three people suspected of theft of electronic equipment in Marigot were "picked up" last Saturday by the gendarmes in the parking lot of Mc Donald's.

The scene of the arrest of the three criminals was filmed live by restaurant customers and widely broadcast on social networks.

As part of an investigation opened at the Espérance brigade for the theft of electronic equipment, investigations have led to the identification of a team likely to be involved in this traffic.

"Based on the information obtained during this investigation, today (editor's note, Saturday April 29), a discreet device was set up near the Mc Donald's restaurant where three people, suspected of participating in this traffic, were arrested and placed in police custody,” said the gendarmerie.

The investigation is ongoing. _AF

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