News item: The Frigodom building in Galisbay totally destroyed by a violent fire!


Fire broke out yesterday morning around 6 a.m. in the Frigodom establishment, a refrigeration establishment located in the port of Galisbay. An electrical failure is believed to be the source of the incident.

The prefect, Sylvie Feucher and president Daniel Gibbs held a quick press point yesterday at midday to take stock of the development of the situation.

The fire therefore started yesterday morning around 6 am at an electrical circuit. Then it gained momentum around 9:30 a.m. "There was a lot of black smoke at the time," reports the prefect, who then went to the site. “A 200-meter perimeter has been installed to secure the site; residents were also evacuated. The nautical gendarmerie also intervened to prevent reckless people from approaching by sea in a jet ski to film, ”she continues.

Two trucks, a ladder, a pump and ten firefighters were hired. Reinforcements from Sint-Maarten (a truck, seven firefighters and a ladder) were received. Most of the water was pumped into the sea.

"At midday, the fire is under control," said President Daniel Gibbs. "There is no risk of explosion," he insisted with the prefect. The only one - and one that is under close surveillance - is the collapse of the building.

All goods (dry, fresh, frozen products) have been destroyed. "On the other hand, we were able to save those that were in the containers nearby," said the president of the COM, who saw with the director how to receive refrigerated containers in the coming weeks.

"We are not in a post Irma situation," says Sylvie Feucher. Food supplies will be able to continue. As a reminder, it is mainly done via the port of Philipsburg, the Frigodom building only serving as storage. It will therefore be reorganized.

One of the two main supermarkets in the French side, Super U, indicates that its stock of in-store products will not be impacted because it has a supply network that does not go through Frigodom.

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