MISCELLANEOUS FACT: The two individuals suspected of the armed robbery in Maho have surrendered to the police


The Sint Maarten Police Force (KPSM) is currently investigating an armed robbery which occurred on the night of Thursday February 27 to Friday March 1, near an adult establishment in Maho.

According to reports received by Central Police Dispatch, two young men approached a group of women walking on the sidewalk and, at gunpoint, robbed them of their belongings. During the robbery, one of the suspects assaulted a woman by hitting her in the head with a gun.

After the attack, the suspects fled in a vehicle. Police patrols immediately began searching for the suspects. Shortly after, the vehicle was seen on Union Road. The police attempted to intercept the vehicle, which led to a chase towards the Kruithoff roundabout. The criminals finally managed to escape the police by taking a secondary road adjacent to the roundabout and fled into the surrounding bushes.

Throughout the early hours of the morning, intensive searches were carried out by officers in an attempt to locate the suspects. During a search of the vehicle, a firearm and other items related to the theft were discovered and seized for further investigation.

At around 6 a.m. on March 1, the individuals believed to be the occupants of the vehicle voluntarily contacted the police station, expressing their intention to surrender. A suspect has been identified as a minor. The two individuals were arrested and placed in police custody pending further investigation. _AF

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