News item / St. Maarten: an accountant arrested for fraud


GE, a 53-year-old accountant, was arrested by Sint Maarten police on Friday September 21 for document forgery and fraud.

Since 2014, the suspect was responsible for completing the tax returns of his clients and the payment of these taxes and social charges. He received cash from them in order to give it to the competent services but kept it in his pocket.

In order to satisfy his customers, he made false receipts to pretend that they were in good standing.

"Due to administrative delays at the aforementioned government institutions, customers received a letter from SZV and the tax service after two years, stating that there was a delay in payment. Says the Sint Maarten police.

When his clients went to the tax office and the SZV, they learned that all their receipts were false. GE was also found to have made false employer statements and false salary statements. He thus managed to divert a considerable sum. An investigation is underway.



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