News item: A new vegetation fire broke out the day before yesterday, at the end of the morning, at Friar's Bay!


The gendarmerie and the firefighters arrived quickly on the spot, as well as the "Firemen" of Sint-Maarten, who came to lend a hand to their French counterparts.

As a security measure, residents of the Mont Choisy district were evacuated. The fire quickly spread to the ruins of the old hotel.

In this period of drought, it is advisable to be very careful about the outbreak of fire. The population must avoid burning and green waste fires.

Carelessness and / or non-compliance with regulations can have very serious consequences: smoke poisoning, particularly for people with breathing difficulties; burns; and traffic accidents, as smoke considerably limits visibility on the roads.

The practice of burning green waste is subject to compliance with regulations and instructions. This practice is only authorized for foresters and farmers under special safety conditions.

Individuals have the obligation to treat their green waste by ecological methods or at a recycling center.

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