MISCELLANEOUS: A two-wheeler driver arrested by the police after refusing to comply


Staff from the Sint Maarten Police Traffic Department (KPSM) are currently investigating an accident that occurred last Thursday, May 11, early afternoon, involving a runaway scooter and a police vehicle on Welfare Road.

Following the accident, the scooter driver quickly fled the scene, heading towards Union Road at high speed.

Witnesses to the incident, the police who were nearby immediately tried to apprehend the fleeing scooter rider. Despite their best efforts, the individual persisted in evading the pursuing officers and continued on to Union Road, posing a potential risk to other road users.

A patrol then decided to block the path of the reckless driver with the help of a police car. While trying to evade arrest, the motorcyclist slammed into the side of the police cruiser, knocking him to the ground.

The pilot was then quickly apprehended by police and transported to Philipsburg Police Station, where he is currently being held pending further investigation. _AF


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