OTHER FACT: Island resident arrested in US for attempting to smuggle guns


A French national who worked in a bar in the Dutch side before the health crisis was arrested on October 11 by the American authorities at the Atlanta International Airport because he was trying to smuggle firearms bound for Sint Maarten , reported several media in the United States.

When his two pieces of checked baggage were checked by security guards, they thought they saw weapons on the screen. They then searched the bags and discovered 11 weapons, 9 of which were handguns, wrapped in aluminum foil and concealed in a karaoke machine and an enclosure.

The French national immediately admitted the facts and explained to the police that he intended to take the weapons to Sint Maarten and sell them there to make money.

He was to travel with his sister's boyfriend, who is an employee of the airline on which he was to travel. The investigation revealed that he was aware of the false weapons possession certificates of his sister's friend. It was also together that they went to a gun show where the prime suspect bought the guns for a total of $ 2. The company employee was suspended.

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