MISCELLANEOUS FACT: A resident of Sint Maarten arrested at Hong Kong airport for cocaine trafficking


The imagination of drug traffickers is limitless when it comes to hiding drugs to evade controls. As proof, a resident of Sint Maarten was arrested last week at Hong Kong airport after transporting a large quantity of cocaine in an electric wheelchair!

The customs officers' flair cannot be denied. While he thought he would pass customs control without incident, a 51-year-old resident of Sint Maarten was arrested as soon as he got off the plane by the authorities. The individual stated that he had to travel with an electric wheelchair due to his disability. Not convinced of the latter's explanations, the customs officers proceeded to inspect the famous armchair and noticed that the seams of the seat cushion and the backrest had been taken off and sewn back on. The x-ray images then confirmed the presence of cocaine hidden inside the chair.

The exact quantity of drugs has not been released by authorities. The trafficker was imprisoned while awaiting trial. He faces life imprisonment. _AF

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