MISCELLANEOUS / An American tourist victim of a fall in Red Rock: an important rescue device deployed


On Thursday, January 5, around 16 p.m., an American tourist fell victim to Red Rock, between Anse Marcel and Petite Cayes.

A large rescue system was deployed to rescue the victim, including 8 firefighters, 3 gendarmes, 1 ambulance and a GRIMP team. The GRIMP specialty makes it possible to intervene in matters of reconnaissance and rescue and to help the progress of other teams of rescuers in natural and artificial environments where the traditional means of firefighters are unsuitable, insufficient or whose use is dangerous because of the height or the depth and the various risks associated with the journey.

Faced with the configuration of the premises, the firefighters were forced to use a tray to transport the victim in good conditions. Slightly injured, she was then evacuated to Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital to receive the appropriate care. _AF

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