MISCELLANEOUS FACTS: Road users and the gendarmerie victims of stone throwing at Sandy Ground!


Several motorists as well as the gendarmerie had the unpleasant surprise of being targeted last Thursday night in Sandy Ground by unconscious young people armed with eggs and especially stones. Very dangerous and unacceptable actions!

The events took place last Thursday, October 5 in the evening. After cutting off the electricity supply to the public lighting, several young people did not think better than to throw eggs and stones in the direction of motorists who were taking the Sandy Ground road. Arriving on site, the gendarmes were also thrown stones by the young people before the latter fled. The police then positioned themselves in prevention on both sides of the road, recommending that road users not cross Sandy Ground.

At least four vehicle windows were broken. The perpetrators of these unspeakable acts were not arrested at the time of the events. But it won't be long..._AF

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