MISCELLANEOUS FACTS: Two traffic accidents cause two minor injuries


Last Monday, early in the evening, two traffic accidents occurred just over an hour apart between the Agrément roundabout and Morne Valois.

The first accident occurred around 17:30 p.m. between a minibus and a scooter. The exact circumstances of the accident are not known. The slightly injured two-wheeler driver was treated by rescue teams and transported to the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center.

At 18:50 p.m., a second accident involving a light vehicle and another two-wheeler took place, still on the portion of the road between Agrément and Morne Valois. According to initial findings, the scooter driver lost control of his machine after overtaking. Slightly injured, he was taken to hospital for further examinations.

These two accidents caused major traffic jams. The road network quickly became saturated in both directions. There is only one thing left for motorists to do: be patient..._AF

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