MISCELLANEOUS FACTS: Hit by a scooter, an elderly woman dies from her injuries


A dramatic traffic accident occurred last Saturday, Saint Martin's Day, in the city center of Marigot which claimed the life of an elderly person.

How sad ! A new road tragedy took place last Saturday on rue de la Liberté, near the Soualiga pharmacy. The events occurred in the middle of the afternoon. An old lady who was crossing the road was hit head-on by a scooter. The shock was extremely violent. Alerted by witnesses at the scene, firefighters quickly arrived on the scene to take care of the victim. Deemed to be in very serious condition, the latter was transported to hospital. Despite the extensive care provided by doctors, the elderly woman unfortunately died from her injuries. The driver of the two-wheeler responsible for the fatal accident was slightly injured. An investigation has been opened to determine the exact causes of this dramatic accident. _AF

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