News: A dramatic weekend for the Dutch side of the island!


At around 10 a.m. on Sunday morning, the police and the prosecutor had to rush down the road from Passion Fruit to Retreat Estate to investigate a violent accident in which several people were injured and a 3-year-old boy was killed. , run over by a car.

Dutch police spokesman Ricardo Henson says the circumstances surrounding the child's death are unclear at the moment; the police are investigating among all the rumors circulating around this drama.

It would appear that a group of young men was in conflict with another group until someone got into a vehicle to rush into the group among which was the little boy; however, the police cannot determine whether the boy's death was intentional. The child died instantly while three other people were taken to the medical center for treatment.

Henson explains that there was indeed an altercation between two groups however, the numerous rumors circulating in the neighborhood also mention that the death of the child would be due to a quarrel concerning a scooter.

Two suspects voluntarily surrendered at the Philipsburg police station where they were placed in police custody.

An investigation has been opened.


A working man on a garbage truck accidentally kills itself!

A 59-year-old worker from Haiti died on Sunday morning around 4:30 a.m. on Well Road near Plaza Cole Bay.

Dutch police spokesman Ricardo Henson said the man identified by the initials TM was run over by the truck he was working on.

According to a witness, the victim lost his balance by jumping from the back of the truck while it was reversing, therefore accidentally overturning it!

The first police patrol to arrive at the scene found TM lying on the road showing no signs of life. The police provided resuscitation care to the victim until the arrival of the paramedics; however, the victim could not be resuscitated, she succumbed to her injuries. Doctor Mercuur went to the scene of the accident to pronounce the victim's death.

The investigation of this case does not reveal any criminal act.

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