MISCELLANEOUS FACTS / Cars damaged by stone throwing: it continues!


A week after several motorists were victims of stone and egg throwing at Sandy Ground, new similar incidents have been perpetrated in recent days by gangs of young people in the Rambaud and Saint-Louis sectors.

As we reported eight days ago, several motorists were targeted by throwing stones and eggs in the Sandy Ground sector (four vehicles had their windows broken, editor's note), including the gendarmerie who were taken to partly by young people unaware of the seriousness of their actions.

Just yesterday, new road users were scared of their lives after experiencing further stone throwing at Rambaud and La Savane. These completely stupid and irresponsible actions occur every year in the region just a stone's throw from the Halloween party. Funny way to have fun...

So far, these facts have not led to any traffic accidents, although this is to be feared. For the gendarmes, there is therefore an urgent need to identify the perpetrators in order to prevent a tragedy from eventually occurring.

All motorists who have suffered damage to their vehicle are invited to file a complaint with the police as quickly as possible.

For their part, the police are doing everything they can to identify the perpetrators of these acts of vandalism._AF

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