GASTRONOMY FESTIVAL: Last part of the trilogy of cooking workshops 


The last session of the cooking workshops organized by the Tourist Office as part of the Gastronomy Festival was held at the Fort Louis Marina in Marigot.

After a first Saturday in Grand-Case and a second in Orient Bay, the last day of cooking workshops for young and old took place with a view of the beautiful marina of Marigot. The mobile kitchen stations have been installed as usual and the chefs have followed one another to offer surprising and delicious recipes. The public came in droves to watch the performances of the chefs and budding cooks. The workshops were also full several days before they took place. The morning was launched by Laurent Huguet and his potato, shrimp and dill cream gnocchi. The small participants were particularly concentrated when learning how to make gnocchi. The succession is assured. It was then up to chef Franck Vuillemin accompanied by Noé and Maxime to take possession of the kitchen utensils to make his recipe for half-cooked tuna tartare with mango heart and spices. The specific cooking time was a challenge brilliantly taken up by everyone. 

Chef Vuillemin's willingness to share and exchange views, who did not fail to join the little chefs in the different stages of making the dish, was greatly appreciated. American chef Tristan Epps opted for a coconut seafood stew recipe. The smells promised to make your mouth water and it was. The adults behind the cooking stations followed the instructions either in English given directly by Chef Epps or in French by Malaïka Maxwell, workshop facilitator and unofficial cook assistant to the chefs. The last workshop was given to chef Edna Butcher and her pan-fried fish with coconut, curry and pumpkin. A feast for the eyes, a feast for the taste buds. All the workshops, recipes and procedures are available on the Facebook page of the Tourist Office. _VX

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