GASTRONOMY FESTIVAL: Journalists in the shoes of a chef!


For several years, chefs have had more exposure to the general public. The culinary art interests more and more enthusiasts for what it brings: pleasures and discoveries.

Who hasn't already salivated at the mere sight of a chef's dish? Just with a visual, these cooking pros make us dream. And it's even more intense when you know the composition of the plate. But enhancing food is an art!

Chefs use all kinds of cooking, spices and condiments to achieve this.

Wednesday morning, it was the journalists' turn to put themselves in the shoes of a chef, well known in Saint-Martin. On today's menu, the preparation of a fillet of sea bream on a bed of julienne with lemon sauce.

For the participants, the formula is very simple: you arrive with your hands in your pockets, you put on an apron, and off you go for an hour and a half of cooking classes! All equipment is made available to us. Chef Angéla Marcenat of the Champagne restaurant in Cole Bay, and host Malaika Maxwell are ready to give us their valuable advice.

Peel then slice the vegetables, the same with an onion and three vegetarian peppers, prepare the sauce with white wine, then sweat the vegetables in a pan, closely monitoring the induction hob (the vegetables must remain tender and crunchy). says the chef), pre-cooking the sea bream fillet in another pan with a drizzle of oil and a small piece of butter then placing it in the oven for five minutes, plating the plate (it's quite an art ) and that's it, so to speak!

This unique and enriching culinary experience won over the many journalists and influencers present in the idyllic setting of Marina Fort-Louis. A great initiative on the part of the organizers of the 3rd edition of the Saint-Martin Gastronomy Festival who wanted to introduce the international, national and local media to the art of cooking. The apprentice cooks were then impatient to taste their “homemade” dish. A real treat ! To learn to cook, you actually have to cook. Practice to master! _AF

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