CHRISTMAS FESTIVITIES: Grand-Case luminous parade, happiness and splendor


Last Sunday marked the great return of the famous luminous parade of Grand-Case which had been put on hold since 2017. The public was delighted.

The Grand-Case Lighting Parade association will have succeeded in responding to the impatience of hundreds of people present to attend this traditional and magical event awaited by the inhabitants of Grand-Case and passing tourists. After four years of involuntary hiatus caused first by the devastation of Hurricane Irma which destroyed all equipment and then the global health crisis due to covid, the organizers did not minimize their joy at finally being back in the streets of Grand-Case. Nothing could have stopped them, nor the many visitors judging by the mass of cars parked on either side of the airport road, it took patience to get there, and it was worth it. worth it. Thirteen floats followed one another in front of the charmed gaze of young and old alike. The first theme of the light parade was undoubtedly that of Christmas, passers-by could see the parade of Santa Claus who did not skimp on the distribution of sweets, a chariot of gifts, not to mention the traditional nativity scene, or the balloon float, much appreciated. The 2021 edition gave pride of place to the essentials of Walt Disney with a nod to 101 Dalmatians, Beauty and the Beast, the indispensable Snow Queen and of course… the Grinch, unforgettable Christmas figure. Let us hardly forget the characters of Pocahontas, Jack Sparrow and even Zorro who was also in the game. The parade crossed Grand-Case from the stadium to the Post Office, to repeat the reverse route for a double dose of immersion in the magical world of Christmas. The streets of Grand-case did not drain over the rest of the evening, to the great pleasure of the breasts, restaurants and surrounding bars. The feeling was unanimous: "It feels great to see the streets of Grand-Case again so lively and lively!" " _VX 

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