TAXATION / Income taxes 2022: payment of the balance postponed to October 30, 2023


5000 Saint-Martin income tax taxpayers will receive, from September 15, 2023, their tax notice on income received in 2022. The deadline for paying the balance of this tax is set at Monday October 30, 2023. Payment must be sent to the Public Treasury – Center des Finances Publiques de Saint-Martin.

Usually set for October 2, the payment of the balance of income tax was postponed this year to October 30, 2023 by Louis Mussington, president of the Community, in order to finalize the administrative procedures and to give additional time to Saint taxpayers. -Martinois. For information, the 12 non-taxable households have already received their non-taxation notice. The Collectivity of Saint-Martin invites you to pay IR000 before October 22, 30. For any clarification or complaint concerning income tax, the population must contact the Public Finance Center of Saint-Martin at :

By mail:

By phone:  0590 29 25 71 or 0590 87 71 75

Website – Saint-Martin Taxation:

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