TAXATION / TGCA: all companies must collect and transfer it


If we look at the estimated amount of insurance compensation, almost 990 million euros will be reimbursed to repair and rebuild.

In terms of TGCA, this represents more than 39 million euros. A significant sum that the COM would like to see return to its coffers. It should be known that all the companies which will carry out building sites are subjected to this local tax of 4%. Marie-Dominique Ramphort, territorial advisor in charge of taxation issues at the COM, held a press point on Monday afternoon to explain it alongside Laurent Fuentes, project manager in the economic pole.

The company that will carry out your work (blankets, painting, electricity, plumbing, structural work, etc.) must collect the TGCA from you and transfer it to the COM. Whether the business is local or not. Contrary to popular belief and current practice, a business domiciled in mainland France, Guadeloupe or elsewhere (Sint Maarten, USA, Europe, French overseas departments, etc.) must not issue an invoice stating "duty free". If, of course, it will not indicate the VAT, it must however include the TGCA according to the general tax code of Saint Martin. It is an obligation for her to collect it and donate it. (More details on

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  1. Mitchell marcella February 27, 2018 at 18:28 am Reply

    Miss or Mister,
    Where do you live ?
    The law on international trade including France
    has signed.
    Tells us: that a foreign company domiciled in
    abroad sells its products duty free.
    Explanation for novices:
    An American company domiciled in the United States
    Sells for export to Saint Martin.
    Excluding Taxes and Excluding TGCA
    When the goods arrive in Saint Martin, the
    distributor does not pay TGCA on this invoice.
    On the other hand, this distributor during these sales to his
    Local customers, should charge the TGCA, not customers,
    but to his business because the TGCA = General Taxes On Turnover.
    Please specify because number of traders
    don't know it.
    The Community must not abuse companies!

  2. Jacky's February 28, 2018 at 09:33 am Reply

    Marcella Mitchell should revise her notes… ..and examine the tax code in St Martin… .. still someone who wants to take advantage of everything and pay nothing and who has no love for st martin .. ashamed

  3. Marcella Mitchell March 3, 2018 at 17:34 pm Reply

    Buddy Jackys, you talk bullshit!
    You put your tax sheet on the internet And we'll see who pays the most… ..
    The love of Saint Martin you have when you touch your check or your transfer from CAF.
    Me Marcella I only PAY for profiteers like you.
    It's easy to say you have to pay. But it is always the same people who pay. Surely you are the profiteer of taxpayer money.
    The Saint Martin tax code respects international trade but those who abuse it in the Collectivity are racketeering for their well-being… ..
    Go to Jackys school, you need it

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