FONCIER: The Keeper of the Seals seized about the problem of the Webster family


The Webster family and the collective were received on Wednesday by the prefect and the president of the COM to take stock of the difficulties linked to the auction of the family land in Griselle.

Serge Gouteyron and Daniel Gibbs recalled having signed a joint letter at the end of January intended for the administrator in order to ask him to suspend the auction sales of the other plots (ordered by the Court of Appeal of Fort de France following a decision of the court of cassation in the context of the Beauperthuy succession) the time to find "solutions that can satisfy all the heirs". A few days earlier, the prefect had already sent a letter with proposals but which he does not wish to reveal.

On Wednesday, Daniel Gibbs announced that he had requested an appointment with the Keeper of the Seals to discuss this subject with him and the family. In an official letter, the president of the COM also challenges Eric Dupond-Moretti on the land problems on the territory as a whole and asks that a fact-finding mission from the general inspection of justice be appointed. Approach supported by the representative of the State.

Serge Gouteyron and Daniel Gibbs have also confided that the purchaser of the land in Griselle during the auction last week, had agreed to come to Saint-Martin soon to meet with the Webster family.

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