Football (World Cup 2018): The Blues have arrived in Russia!


Let's go ! The French team landed in Moscow last night after an overall successful 18-day preparation, with two victories but also a draw on Saturday against the modest United States (1-1), and above all without any injuries.

Here are the Blues engaged in the home straight. Their plane landed yesterday in the early evening. Olivier Giroud wore a huge bandage above the left arch - stitches inherited from the preparation match against the United States on Saturday - while Paul Pogba played it more fashionable with a branded cap adorned with a large golden butterfly.

The Antoine Griezmann gang then joined their base camp in the vicinity of the Russian capital, at Istra. Specifically at the Hilton Garden Inn Moscow New Riga, in the village of Kostrovo.

The plane again Thursday

This afternoon, Deschamps will give its first press conference in the New Jerusalem monastery of Istra, founded in the XNUMXth century, and the selection will immediately follow its training stadium located in Glebovski.

The next stage is scheduled for Thursday, when the vice-champions of Europe will take the plane, direction Kazan. This is where, this Saturday, June 16, they will face Australia for their big debut in the Russian World Cup (group C), four years after reaching the quarter-finals, beaten at this height 1-0 by the future German world champions. _AF

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