FOOTBALL: Great meetings for young people but not for seniors!


If the different youth meetings have kept all their promises, it is not the same for seniors whose three meetings planned for the account of the 1st day of the championship did not finally take place.

If the seniors have remained in forced rest for reasons that remain to be elucidated, the young aspiring footballers have offered a quality show on the different stages.

For the U11s, the meeting between Risc Takers and Attackers was prolific in goals with the victory of the first named on the score of five to four.

On the side of U 13, Junior Stars made only one mouthful of its adversary of a day, Attackers, the score speaks for itself (13-0).

Finally, among the U 15s, the four games counting for the 1st day of the championship were hard fought, with the exception of Risc Takers, large winner of United Stars (5-2). _AF

The results :

 Category U 11:

Juventus v / s Risc Takers: 2 - 2

United Stars B v / s Flamingo: 4 - 2

St Louis Stars v / s United Stars "A": 0 - 3

Risc Takers v / s Attackers: 5 - 4

  Category U13:

Attackers v / s Junior Stars: 0 - 13

St Louis Stars v / s Dominators: 6 - 2

Risc Takers v / s United Stars: 1 - 3

  Category U 15:

Attackers v / s Dominators: 4 - 5

Juventus v / s Junior Stars "B": 2 - 1

St Louis Stars v / s Junior Stars: 2 - 3

Risc Takers - United Stars 5 - 2

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