Football (Saint-Martin Youth Cup Finals): The end of the season is in full swing!


From the youngest to the oldest, Saint-Martin footballers put on a show full of emotions, last Saturday, at the Jean-Louis Vanterpool stadium, on the occasion of the Saint-Martin Cup finals, thus marking the end of the 2018-2019 season.

This “100% Foot” day started with the final U7-U9 stage. The opportunity for “our” young aspiring footballers to shine in front of their unconditional supporters, parents, friends, educators and to receive, by the same, awards from the French Football Federation and the MEDAILLE de la Ligue de Saint- Martin. Well done kids!

  Goals, more goals!

Among the biggest (or almost), the first final of the morning, U11 category, saw the undisputed victory of United Stars before Juventus of Saint Martin (8-0).

As for the U13s, Saint-Louis Stars dominated their day-old opponent, head and shoulders, in this case United Stars, with an unquestionable score of four to one.

Now let's go to the U15 final with the much-deserved success of the Junior Stars at the expense of FC Flamingo (4-1). Did you say clean and without burr?

In U17, it was necessary to use the fateful penalty shootout to decide between Juniors Stars and Saint-Louis Stars (2-2 at the end of regular time).

At the end of the suspense, it is finally Junior Stars who wins two shots at one!

Finally, in the U20, Junior Stars flew over their final against FC Flamingo (5-2).

Clap therefore for the 2018-2019 football season on the field but not internally…


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