FOOTBALL: The leader hooked by Attackers


3rd day territorial championship of Saint-Martin

On the third day of the territorial championship of Saint-Martin, the leader, Junior Stars had to be content with sharing points with Attackers FC (3-2).

Author of a flawless course since the start of the championship, the Junior Stars did not complete the pass of three last Friday, during the opening of the 3rd day. The teammates of Thierry Samer fell indeed on a valiant formation of Attackers who obtains a parity score after all logical.

Saint-Louis and United neutralize each other…

For its part, FC Concordia won a short header at the expense of FC Marigot (1-0).

Finally, Saint-Louis Stars and United Stars left back to back, after a pleasant meeting to follow (2-2). _AF

The results :

Junior Stars 2 - Attackers FC: 2

FC Concordia: 1 - FC Marigot: 0

Saint-Louis Stars: 2 - United Stars: 2

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