FOOTBALL: The young “soccer players” have not been unemployed…


The All Saints' holiday was not an easy one for our young footballers. In fact, the educators responsible for forming a preselection have summoned twenty players for a technical improvement course.

For ten days, the training sessions were linked every morning at the Albéric Richards stadium. After a collective warm-up, the group gathered around several workshops, led by the new district project manager.

The opportunity for young people to benefit from an assessment of their qualities, while assimilating the different principles of play.

These two weeks of learning, with a sustained pace of work, were a privileged moment, where each of the players expressed themselves fully.

At the end of the course, we can only welcome the investment of the players and the management team.

Other courses will be offered throughout the season, during school holidays, with exclusive supervision for women, or even goalkeepers.  _AF


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