FOOTBALL / Claude Tage Memorial: victory for Juventus Saint-Martin!


Firstst edition of the Claude Tage Memorial put on a great show on May 27 and 28 at the Jean-Louis Vanterpool stadium, where sixteen teams gave their all to win the coveted trophy!

In honor of the late Claude Tage, a key figure in Saint-Martin football, the tournament bearing his name brought together sixteen teams from Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy (category U 13). The young footballers delivered great performances over two days to try to put their name on the list of winners of this new tournament, which was played in an excellent state of mind.

In terms of results, Juventus de Saint-Martin won the final against Saint-Louis Stars, the small final having been won by Junior Stars "A" at the expense of the Dutch team Eagles.

The leaders of Junior Stars would like to thank all the people who worked for the smooth running of the tournament. See you next year ! _AF


The rankingt:

1er Juventus, 2th St. Louis Stars “A”, 3th Junior Stars “A”, 4th Eagles, 5th Add "A", 6th FC Marigot, 7th Hot Spurs, 8th Phoenicks, 9th Add "B", 10th Flamingos, 11th Junior U11, 12th Soccer Five, 13th Attackers, 14th St. Louis "B", 15th Junior Stars “B”, 16th Risc takers


Special prices:

• Best goalkeeper: Carlos Richardson (Eagles)

• Best striker : Theo (Ajoe “B”)

• Best player : Hugo Turquet (Juventus)

• Best Hope: Ylann Romney (Junior Stars)

• Most fair play team: Risc takers

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