football: A great event and great winners!


The 100% football day was organized by SMFA on Saturday 17 December at the Thelbert Carti stadium in Quartier d'Orléans, with a busy program and well-packed stands. The members present of the League declared themselves very satisfied by the turn of this day 100% football which married at the same time the "football animation" for the U7 to U13 and the finals of the Christmas Cup.

The first final of the day opposed, among the U 15, the two formations "A" and "B" of the Junior Stars. Without big surprise, the pennant team imposed on the score without appeal from four to one.

On the U17 side, Juventus de Saint-Martin beat the Junior Stars on the lowest score (1-0).

Finally, for seniors, the meeting between the Junior Stars and Saint-Louis Stars has kept all its promises. Indeed, at the end of regulation time, the score was five everywhere. It was therefore necessary to have recourse to the fateful session of shots on goal to decide between the twenty-two actors. And in this little game there, it was finally Saint-Louis Stars who was the most skilful. Congratulations! _AF

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