Armed Forces in the Antilles (FFA): A training course organized in the tropical zone for a Canadian section 


From January 30 to February 23, 2017, the 33rd Marine Infantry Regiment (33rd RIMa) welcomed a detachment of 35 soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment de Québec. For four intensive weeks, they followed a training course in tropical areas at the nautical and forest training center (CNEF), one of the eleven overseas and foreign training centers (CAOME) of the land forces command. 

On the program for these four weeks of internship, a first week of acclimatization including training in French weapons and marches in the forest as well as in more arid areas. The following weeks, like the training courses followed by French companies on short missions, multiple training exercises were followed by the trainees, in order to learn to manage an environment with a varied climate and environments , but also their endurance, while continuing the operation.

Recall that Canada is one of France's main partners in Defense cooperation in the Antilles. _AF


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