TRAINING: Nine young Saint-Martin fisherman graduates


Launched on November 28, 2022, the "Certificate of Aptitude in Small Fishing Command" training has come to an end. This Friday, March 24, 2023, the nine fishermen received their diploma, acknowledging their success in the exams with marks between 14/20 and 20/20.

Project carried out with brio by Fabiola Rioual within the framework of the Ultramarine Pact for Investment in Skills, the training "Certificate of Aptitude for Small-scale Fishing Command" (CACPP), whose total budget amounts to €115.368 (European Social Fund €98.063 and Community €17.305), took place in two stages: from November 28 to December 22, 2022 at Koolitus Formation at Concordia with a transversal module and a specific refresher course, and from January 9 to February 7, 2023 for the modules of the CACPP and the final exam which took place in Martinique, at the Maritime and Aquaculture Professional Training School (EFPMA). The nine new graduates can now enroll in order to finalize their project.

During this period and until their installation, they will be accompanied by the services of the Collectivity and the State. In the presence of the organizing team, trainers, their parents, as well as officials, Vincent Berton, delegate prefect of the Northern Islands, Alain Richardson, 1st vice-president of the Collectivity, Dominique Louisy, 3rd vice-president and Martine Beldor in charge of vocational training, the nine young people were congratulated and applauded for their determination and their serious work: Malcom Hunt, top of his class with marks ranging from 14 to 20/20 and grandson of sailors-fishermen, Charles Jovanny, Jaheny Begarin, Alexandre Page, grandson of a fisherman, Kevin Bryan, member of the association of traditional fishermen of Quartier d'Orléans and English speaking beginner in French, Loyd Bryan, Brent Brooks, English speaking beginner in French, Hugo Hamel and finally, Marie Page, first woman fisherman of Saint-Martin, daughter of Garry Page, fisherman. The CACPP diploma and all the other certifications (CRO, medical 2, etc.) were issued by the prefecture of Martinique, where the examination center is located. The graduates took advantage of the presentation of the certificates to warmly thank Fabiola Rioual, project manager and deputy director of the employment and community training department, who was a huge support during their training course. in partnership with the European Union, Pôle Emploi, CCISM, Direction de la mer, DEETS and the Saint-Martin fishermen's union. During the ceremony, two women were honoured: Maggy Gumbs from the Local Mission, for her former functions at the CCISM as director, and Mirella Meraut, president of the Foyalaise maritime association of fishermen from Fort -de-France, Knight of the Order of Maritime Merit who received the Medal of Honor from the Collectivité. Congratulations again to the new graduates! _VX

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