TRAINING: A new partnership signed between SAUR and the Local Mission of Saint-Martin in favor of training young people


Raphael Sanchez, President of the Local Mission of Saint-Martin, has established strong partnerships with local businesses, demonstrating his commitment to the well-being and future of the island's young people. A new partnership has been set up with SAUR, a public service delegate, in favor of training young people.

“We are delighted to share an exceptional initiative today, dedicated to the professional future of young people in Saint-Martin,” says Raphaël Sanchez.

This innovative collaboration aims to allow young people to discover a variety of professions, thus broadening their professional horizons and their future prospects. As President of EEASM, Mr. Sanchez took the initiative to integrate water-related professions into this ambitious project. SAUR, delegatee of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, is fully committed by associating its expertise with this professional immersion offer presented by the Local Mission.

SAUR is thus committed to presenting young people with the different facets of water-related professions, by offering them an immersion experience within its various services. The Local Mission will support this process with social and professional support, as well as careful monitoring during internship integration. The realization of this commitment materializes through the signing of an agreement between Raphaël Sanchez, President of the Local Mission, and Mélissa Nicolas, Director of SAUR Saint-Martin, both also members of the Territorial Council. This agreement demonstrates their common determination to work for the benefit of the territory, the young people of Saint-Martin and local employment.

“We are deeply proud to guide young Saint-Martin residents towards essential professions that will have a significant impact on our community on a daily basis. Together, we are convinced that we can build a promising future for the youth of Saint-Martin,” they declared.

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