TRAINING: A day of awareness about illiteracy


As part of the 10th edition of the National Days of Action against Illiteracy from September 8 to 15, Jielle Formation organized an information and awareness day at its Concordia premises on Friday, September 15, to which the public responded here.

A center specializing in illiteracy under the direction of Joceline Laurent, Jielle Formation offers a program to combat illiteracy financed by the State and the Community, represented by Dominique Démocrite Louisy, 3rd vice-president, during Friday's event last, in partnership with Pôle Emploi as part of the Ultramarine Skills Investment Pact (PUIC). Many professionals from information, education, integration and associations took part in this day to discover more about illiteracy and discuss according to this year's theme "talking about it to move forward" . According to a 2020 INSEE report, 25% of the population has great difficulty with writing and 50% of people active in the job market are affected by illiteracy. The National Agency for the Fight against Illiteracy counts 7% of the adult population aged 18 to 65 attending school in France as illiterate, which represents 2.500.000 people in mainland France. Alarming figures according to Joceline Laurent who highlights the absence of concrete statistics for the territory of Saint-Martin. A new INSEE survey should see the light of day in early 2024. By organizing this event, the organization Jielle Formation aimed to inform and raise awareness among participants about the impact of illiteracy in Saint-Martin by highlighting the emphasis on preventive actions and possible local solutions to help people affected by the four degrees of illiteracy take the first step. Through this awareness and information event, Jielle Formation highlighted participatory learning methods which aim to put at ease participants who have lost confidence and self-esteem. Bilingual education and a prevention campaign in schools were discussed during the discussions. Joceline Laurent declared during the information morning: “In terms of perspective, we are trying to go even further in the range of training”. Refresher training, acquisition of the basics, qualifying training of up to 400 hours (compared to 639 in Guadeloupe), the work of Jielle Formation fully contributes to the fight against illiteracy, as attested by the numerous testimonies shared during the event. _VX

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