Futsal: Juventus wins the 1st cup of Saint-Martin!


A small return to honor Juventus victorious in the 1st Saint-Martin Futsal Cup organized by the League after a spectacular final against Junior Stars. 

It was therefore at the end of the suspense and the extension that Vincent Rodriguez's teammates ended up winning during a totally crazy meeting.

While "Juve" quickly led three to zero, Junior Stars finally found the right formula and scored the trifle of six consecutive goals to lead six goals to three before halftime.

As of the resumption, Yannick Belchasse and his family continued their momentum to count up to 5 goals in advance on the scoreboard.

But the beautiful machine of Junior Stars will eventually stop. Juventus will then rush into the breach and gradually catch up to finally equalize 17 seconds from the final whistle (9-9).

It was therefore necessary to resort to an extension of five minutes to try to decide between the two teams. Ultimately, it was Juventus de Saint-Martin which was going to be the most realistic by scoring a 10th and last goal synonymous with victory.

The supporters of the “White and Black” who came in large numbers to the Sports Hall could let their joy explode. Yes, Juventus de Saint-Martin came back from the devil Vauvert! _AF


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