GASTRONOMY: Who will be awarded the coveted title of Chef-Restaurateur in Saint-Martin?


It's signed! Following the creation of the title of chef-restaurateur specific to Saint-Martin by the Territorial Council on December 4, the officialization of this appellation so coveted by traditional and gastronomic catering professionals took place on Friday, January 19 last thanks to the signing of an agreement  linking the Community of Saint-Martin represented by its 1st vice-president, Alain Richardson and the new association of Chefs-Restaurateurs of Saint-Martin (ACRSXM) chaired by Alain Warth.

Continuing its commitment to gastronomic excellence, the Community of Saint-Martin has therefore joined forces with the association of Chefs-Restaurateurs de Saint-Martin which is currently made up of twelve members to highlight catering locally, through the establishment of an exclusive title, created especially for the territory of “Chef-Restaurateur” in Saint-Martin.

The title of Maître-Restaurateur already exists at the national level, this initiative aimed to provide Saint-Martin with a unique title of chef-restaurateur, with regard to its culinary specificities and the constraints that are often different from those encountered elsewhere on French territory.

In any case, this is a new title which should create great collective emulation among restaurateurs at the idea of ​​being awarded this coveted title of Chef-Restaurateur and at the same time, to raise Saint-Martin always to the top of the bill for its internationally renowned gastronomy!


What they said:

Alain Warth (President of the Association of Chefs-Restaurateurs of Saint-Martin (ACRSXM)

“The signing of this agreement is the result of work shared between our association (the ACRSXM was created in June 2022, editor’s note) and the Community. The objective was to be able to adapt the national title of chef-restaurateur to Saint-Martin, taking into account the island reality of the territory. This is why we have created specifications that are completely adapted to Saint-Martin restaurateurs so that they can enjoy the same rights as their metropolitan counterparts. This title of chef-restaurateur of Saint-Martin will contribute even more to promoting the destination Saint-Martin as the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean. We are proud of it”!

Alain Richardson (1st vice-president of the Community, in charge of economic attractiveness)

“This Saint-Martin Chef-Restaurateur agreement signed between the Community and the association of Saint-Martin Chefs-Restaurateurs is part of the destination contract, itself included in the Saint-Martin tourism code. Martin. This partnership will also make it possible to combine local production (fishing, agriculture, and other sectors) and gastronomy. Which is a good thing for the region and above all a great opportunity to move Saint-Martin upmarket and give chefs the opportunity to improve and see beyond our borders. In terms of support, consideration will be given to the possibility of introducing tax arrangements for restaurateurs.”  _AF

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