Gendarmerie: Campaign to prevent and combat theft from a caravan


The National Gendarmerie relaunches, in partnership with the Territorial Police of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, a campaign to prevent and combat theft from a caravan (theft of objects or accessories from a vehicle).

Flyers, which have been printed thanks to the intervention of the services of the Prefecture of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, translated into French and English, will be distributed or made available to tourists on the premises. high traffic and will also be affixed to the windshields of parked vehicles in places of high tourist attraction (beaches, town center, seafront, “car rentals”, hotels, tourist office, etc.).

This preventive action carried out for the population by the soldiers of the Gendarmerie and by the agents of the Territorial Police aims above all to favor the assimilation of reflexes and acts of prudence in order to reduce the temptations and probabilities of passage to the act among thieves.

This campaign should thus make it possible to fight more effectively against the numerous thefts from a trailer observed each year on the island. _AF

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