GENDARMERIE / Creation of a mobile brigade at Sandy Ground: three gendarmes already on the ground


Since the 1er May 2024, three gendarmes occupy the land at Sandy Ground. This mobile brigade aims to provide a local presence of the gendarmerie.

As part of the plan to create 239 new gendarmerie brigades, announced by the President of the Republic in October 2023, units are being created almost everywhere in mainland France and overseas. This is the case in Saint-Martin.

At Sandy Ground, a mobile brigade was thus created with the soon presence of six gendarmes whose aim is to extend the action of the gendarmerie in an identified territory. She  will reinforce the two gendarmerie brigades already existing in Saint-Martin.

The gendarmes' mission is to contact the population, carry out local prevention, provide advice and collect complaints. The watchword of this new brigade is flexibility, as Captain Emmanuel Bernard, deputy officer in charge of the judicial police and intelligence of the COMGEND of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, explains to us. “We are present today (Wednesday May 15, editor's note) at Sandy Ground to present to elected officials and representatives of the various associations in the area the principle of the project for setting up the Sandy Ground mobile brigade. Its main role will be to be in contact with the population with a primarily preventive aspect. We wish to maintain a very close link between the inhabitants of the district, its representatives, traders and associations. Ultimately, the mobile brigade will be made up of six gendarmes, five public highway surveillance agents (ASVP) and five territorial police officers.

While waiting to take possession of their new premises on August 15 for the Sandy Ground holiday, three police officers are already roaming the streets of Sandy Ground. This is Major Solange Thomas, who after spending four years in the Marigot brigade, takes command of the new Sandy Ground mobile brigade with adjutant Jean-Bastien Klimczak and the quartermaster at his side. -leader, Lionel Sabbadin. The three soldiers will soon be joined by three other gendarmes currently in training.  _AF


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