GENDARMERIE: A motorist checked at 130 km instead of 50 km/h in Savane!


The gendarmes carried out new speed checks on Sunday March 10 on the Savane straight, fighting more than ever against serious accidents. The Palme d'Or goes to a motorist controlled at 130 km/h, on a section of road limited to… 50 km/h!

Continuing its action in the field of the fight against road insecurity, the Saint-Martin gendarmerie carried out a speed control operation on Sunday morning in the Savane straight, "speed being a particularly aggravating factor in the consequences of road accidents,” underlines Colonel Maxime Wintzer-Wekehind, commander of the gendarmerie of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy.

In less than two hours, the gendarmes noted numerous offenses including  five very high speed violations (including a speed of more than 130 km/h), leading to the withholding of driving licenses and the immobilization of vehicles,  two speeding offenses leading to 4th class fines, two driving license faults,  two driving under the influence of alcohol, one driving under the influence of drugs and possession of drugs and one lack of registration plates.

Also during this road check, a smart guy riding a two-wheeler wanted to play with the police but ultimately lost! After being checked for the first time for lack of a license and under the influence of alcohol, this same driver presented himself 80 minutes later to the police on another scooter, still without a license and under the influence of a state alcoholic. Unfortunately for him, the police were watching closely! _AF


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