GOVERNMENT: “A partnership of trust and high standards” for € 62 million


One of the objectives of the Prime Minister's visit to Saint-Martin was to sign a financial protocol with the community. He wanted to offer “a partnership of trust and high standards”.

This partnership takes the form of the granting of non-repayable aid of 62 million euros to the COM so that it can cover its operating costs (payment of suppliers, salaries, etc.) taking into account the reduction in fiscal resources in the coming months. "The State has accelerated the payment of certain endowments and will proceed to compensate for the reduction in property taxes that you decided last September," also said Edouard Philippe. And to add: "Just remember that we are shaking up all our procedures to help Saint Martin".

By signing this pact, the president of the COM undertook in particular to report on the use of this aid and to manage his cash flow as well as possible. "This pact, like any convention, provides for reciprocal commitments," underlines Edouard Philippe, who considers that he must "be able to account for the use of public funds to the national representation and to the courts". If he stressed "the exemplary management of public expenditure", he also insisted on the exemplary nature of reconstruction ". "It means that we cannot rebuild by pretending that nothing has happened," he said.

This protocol provides for a renewal of aid in 2019, or even 2020, depending on COM revenue.

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