CTOS strike: Extracurricular reception and the canteen still disrupted!


The Caisse Territoriale des Œuvres Scolaires de Saint-Martin (CTOS) wishes to inform parents whose children are enrolled in the school canteen and after school hours that despite all efforts and repeated requests to suspend the strike by staff started on 30 jaLast January, the conflict is still ongoing, even if some strikers have resumed work. The canteen and extracurricular reception are always and still disturbed! 

Mrs. Pascale Alix Laborde, president of the CTOS, regrets that at this stage no agreement could be found so as to allow the resumption of normal operation and work for the strikers. All the collective and CTOS proposals aimed at satisfying the strikers' demands have been rejected and attempts to reconcile with the UTC-UGTG union have so far failed. However, the negotiations are not finished, social dialogue is maintained by the two parties. A second mediation will take place this week in order to find a way out of this conflict which has only lasted too long for everyone.

The Caisse Territoriale des Œuvres scolaire and the Collectivity of Saint-Martin deplore this situation which penalizes the school community as a whole. The CTOS ensures that it has made every effort to ensure that the return to school is carried out under the best possible conditions, taking into account this strike situation, with in particular the possibility of mobilizing volunteer teachers to welcome students at the midday break. The Caisse will communicate any significant progress. 

The CTOS would like to apologize to the parents of the students for the inconvenience caused and is doing everything it can to put in place alternative reception solutions. For any information on the situation of each school, please contact the management of the establishment concerned.

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