Guillaume Arnell denounces Cécile Duflot's tweet 


Relating to the Air France affair, the tweet from former Housing Minister Cécile Duflot, dated October 12, reacted to the vice-president of the Collectivity Guillaume Arnell.

"Arrested at their house at 6am? Why? To humiliate them in front of their families or because they were preparing to flee to St Martin? ”, Can we read on Cécile Duflot's Twitter account, which referred to the arrest of five employees suspected of having participated in the violence against Air France executives on Monday morning. Guillaume Arnell immediately replied by sending him two tweets: "The Saint-Martinois will be grateful to you for not damaging their image in favor of political quarrels", "Saint-Martin is part of the Republic until proven guilty, from then, why do you speak of leakage? ”.


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