ART / HeadMade Factory invites teens to work on self-portraits


The HeadMade Factory association invites adolescents to work on the issue of self-portraits. "I work on this subject myself as an artist and I found it interesting to share with young adolescents a reflection on self-image" indicates Florence Poirier Nkpa, artist and project coordinator for HeadMade Factory.

This project, which is aimed at "serious and committed" young people aged 14 to 18, has three stages. The first consists of six artistic practice workshops, which will take place every Wednesday from January 23 to February 27 between 17 and 19 p.m. at the school complex (high school part) "It will be a question of enhancing the image of oneself through creation of three self-portraits for each of the young people ”specifies the association. These workshops will first be led by Florence Poirier Nkpa, then by graffiti artist Edouard Louis Fürste. The self-portraits being intended for the creation of a wall fresco (see photomontage in illustration of the article).

Then comes the second step, that of producing a catalog. Florence Poirier-Nkpa will present her own work but also a slide show which brings together several other artists whose practice revolves around the self-portrait to discuss the questions that arise. Then she will lead a writing workshop so that each young person writes a text that articulates their thoughts around the question of the self-portrait, in French but also translated into English and Spanish, to accompany a catalog which will bring together reproductions of the self-portraits created. .

Finally, as part of the third stage, the young participants will be invited to set up the communication and the organization of the exhibition of their self-portraits. This will involve not only researching different sources of information dissemination, but also drafting press releases and making appointments with journalists, creating visual communication media (flyers, posters, etc.) and then promoting and to sell the exhibition evening.

This global project counts eight places and is entirely free. It is necessary register with Florence at +594 694 43 36 35.



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